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CONSULTATNCY AND SUPPORT – PPI Engineering can provide expert advice on both rotating electrical machines and their application.

PPI Engineering work closely with our customers to provide them with the best solution for their application problems.

Our diagnostic and consultancy services are used by:
  • Users of electrical machines
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Insurance companies and loss adjusters
  • Government bodies
We can provide support and expert opinion in the following areas:
  • Electrical Rotating Machine Design and Application
  • Excitation and Control Systems
  • Design
  • Power System Stability
  • Condition Monitoring and Maintenance Regimes
  • Total Cost of Ownership

Rapid Support and Services

We pride ourselves on providing rapid support and services to our customers.

The current engineering support and services we provide to our customers are:

• Complex electromagnetic and mechanical modelling of induction and synchronous machines to achieve accurate performance predictions using proved design software.
• Capability and support in upgrading existing induction and synchronous machines during refurbishing stages.
• Rapid machine manufacturing and tooling design support combined with comprehensive drafting support .