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Commissioning, Repairs & Diagnostics

PPI conduct the commissioning, Diagnostics, Re-Engineering and Repair of Electromechanical Equipment including:

  • Electrical Rotating Machines

  • 2-Pole Generator Repair

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  • Transformers and Switchgears

  • Cabling and Protection

  • Control Equipment

  • Mechanical Plants

  • Battery Chargers and Auxiliary Plants

Operations and Maintenance

PPI conduct the planned operation and maintenance of Electromechanical Equipment. Benefits include:

  • Planned & Preventative Maintenance

  • Long Term Service Agreements

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  • Technical Training Packages

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  • Project Management of Electrical Infrastructure Projects

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Plant and Equipment Condition Audits and Production of Maintenance Schedules

  • Evaluation and Recommendation of Scope and Equipment Requirements

  • Capability to Retrofit Condition-monitoring Instrumentation to Existing Equipment

  • Recommend Options for Life Extensions of Major Pieces of Electrical Plants