Full Diagnostics and Fault Finding


We can carry out full diagnostic & fault finding service for all your rotating machines and carry out subsequent repairs both in situ and using all the facilities at our disposal.

Repairs carried out can include a simple wash and brush up to a complete rewind, full rotor or stator replacement & core repairs.

If equipment is overseas then we can source a suitable facility and oversee repairs are carried out in accordance with our high standards.

Electrical Rotating Machines

PPI Engineering offers site support, repairs and spare parts for your LV & HV rotating machines and associated equipment. Our service team can co-ordinate and provide the services you need to maintain your operations world-wide.

We also offer a full mechanical and electrical commissioning service for your new or re-conditioned rotating machinery including induction motors, generators and associated control equipment.

This can include:

2-Pole Generator Repair

PPI has expertise in the installation, commissioning and repair of high speed 2 pole generators, covering everything from basic mechanical installation and alignment to the full electrical connection through to start up.

Services also include full rotor and stator core pack replacement, rotor end-bell replacement, rotor rewind, stator rewind and stator re-wedging. Stator repairs can be carried out on site.

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