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PPI Engineering Ltd supports a full range of spare parts for our own products. This includes the full range of motors and generators as well as our Purging systems, Rotor Earth Fault monitors and Synchronous Motor Starting equipment.

Design, Support and Supply Interchangeable Parts

The company has full ISO9001 accreditation and we hold detailed records of all machines supplied.

In addition we have the in house design and CAD capability to ensure we can design, support and supply interchangeable parts for other OEMs equipment. In fact we can assist in any obsolescence or upgrade situation and supply complete replacement motors and generators which are mechanically and electrically interchangeable with obsolete machines.

If the parts to be replaced are available, we have 3D scan capability using Faro Arm technology in order to replicate the part with complete dimensional accuracy.

After producing the dimensional information PPI can apply our engineering expertise to ensure the correct material and mechanical fits and tolerances are applied to the components.

Our sophisticated electromagnetic and thermal models also allow identification and resolution of any potential design constraints in these areas.


FARO 3D Technology at PPI Engineering has been a major development in reverse engineering, dimensional verification and also our own quality assurance. Customers utilise PPI Engineering specifically for our reverse engineering capabilities as part of their complete project solution.

We offer worldwide on-site reverse engineering and inspection services including:

3D scanning allows us to verify product quality and dimensional analysis. We are able to quickly and accurately measure components from simple brackets up to complex fabrications.

Our inspectors utilise various softwares including POLYWORKS, a 3D metrology software, to verify dimensional readings and point clouds in real-time on initial inspection, enabling a quick comparison. Polyworks generated inspection reports such as ISIR, FAIR or custom inspection reports can be produced certifying the part has been manufactured to required tolerances.

Obsolescene and Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is a product service offered by few manufacturers. Within PPI this has become a speciality to ensure mechanical and electrical interchangeability with existing equipment. PPI have decades of experience in reverse engineering products.

We can reverse engineer any part to create accurate and detailed engineering drawings for manufacture. This enables us to take a part which has no engineering drawings, and quickly gather all the required information to produce CAD 3D models and 2D drawings quickly to manufacture the part.

We have reverse engineered a number of obsolete machines and produced equipment which is electrically and mechanically interchangeable with the original equipment, ensuring all interfaces match the existing arrangement and performance matches or exceeds that of the original machinery, this is all done using modern materials and designs to meet current modern standards, including meeting the latest hazardous area requirements.

If necessary we can attend site to carry out a full review of existing equipment including full dimensional checks to ensure replacement equipment matches the original machinery, and also to carry out performance analysis to ensure requirements such as noise and vibration levels are maintained.

PPI can source or reverse engineer spares parts and supply mechanically and electrically interchangeable machines for the products of manufacturers that have ceased to exist. Brands like AEI, Bruce Peebles, BTH, EE, GEC, Ideal Electric, LDW, Louis Allis, Mather and Platt, Mawdsleys, Parsons and more.

In addition to the supply of spare machines and parts PPI can hold, organise to identify, stock and maintain essential spares for your business. PPI can visit your site to survey your equipment, identify any obsolescence issues and spares holdings requirements and provide a report detailing how we would suggest you address those issues.

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