Motor and Generator Technology on an Advanced Level


We engineer and build our rotating machines to our customers’ demanding specifications.

Our design team includes OEM designers with experience in the mechanical and electrical design of Induction and Synchronous Machines, various excitation types and associated control equipment packages.

As the acknowledged experts in rotating electrical machines, PPI Engineering has the power to help every industry, and every application, to reach new levels of efficiency & energy savings even under demanding conditions.

Our capabilities include the design of new rotating electrical machines and associated equipment, the replacement and retrofitting of existing equipment and rotating machines with interchangeable mechanical and electrical units, and the design and/or redesign of motor and generator components including cores, windings and more.

PPI has the capability to design the following -

PPI Engineering presents motor and generator technology on an advanced level. We engineer and build our rotating machines to our customers’ demanding specifications and produce a product that is economical and operates at its optimum efficiency. Combining experienced personnel, proven design software, manufacturing and technology, our motors and generators are designed to operate efficiently and reliably under arduous conditions.

We service customers across a broad spectrum of industries including offshore and onshore oil and gas, renewables, marine, manufacturing, mining and many more. PPI have completed projects of all scales across each industry, whatever your problem or requirement is – we will provide a solution.

Our design technology includes:

3D CAD with Modeller, Animation and Parametrics
Ansys F E Package

– Stress
– Fatigue – Analysis of critical components
– Modal Analysis
– Fluid Dynamics to assist in final fan design
Rotor Dynamics (ARMD)

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