Bespoke designed machines providing superior performance


PPI Engineering has designed and supplied Synchronous and Induction Generators for numerous applications and assisted numerous customers around the world.

PPI Engineering has designed and supplied generators up to 130MVA. We have a fully developed range of turbogenerators which originates from technology purchased from Parsons Peebles Ltd in 2006. This range has been updated and developed using our state of the art design tools to meet all current international standards. The range also includes a lightweight range of generators which can be used in mobile trailer mounted applications and a custom designed range suitable for use in marine renewables. Generators designed by PPI are successfully operating on all continents and environments from Arctic to high ambient desert conditions. PPI will produce completely custom designed machines to meet any obsolescence or upgrade requirement.

Our bespoke designed machines provide superior performance and offer long-term service for demanding, industrial power-source applications including:

Induction Generator Range

30kW – 2MW and voltages 380V up to 3.3kV, 50/60Hz. Standard and custom-built designs can be tailored for:

Synchronous Generator Range

2-pole – 5MVA to 135MVA, Cylindrical Rotors, 6.6kV – 15kV, 50/60Hz 4-pole – 250kVA to 50MVA, Salient Pole Rotors, 400V – 15kV, 50/60Hz 6-36-pole – Ratings as required, Salient Pole, 400V – 15kV, 50/60Hz

Permanent Magnet Generators

Auxillary Equipment

Our generator range can be supplied with the following auxiliary equipment -

Synchronous Project

Our customer is a forest industry group that manufactures paperboard, paper and wood products and average number of employees is approximately 3000. They are approximately 60 per cent self-sufficient in wood and 50 per cent in electricity.

Induction Project

PPI were approached by Quartzelec to produce an air-cooled Induction Motor operating in a 50°C Hazardous ‘Zone 2’ environment for an Oil Refinery Company in Saudi Arabia.

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