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TECHNICAL TRAINING PACKAGES – For Personnel in the Operation of Key Items of Electrical Plant

These courses can be tailored to your requirements, we have access to a team of highly experienced electrical, mechanical and commercial engineers with a wide breadth of technical and practical experience. We design and plan workshops on-site or office based (ours or yours) specifically to fit the needs of individual companies and their staff.

Although our native language is English, we have wide experience of working with trainees of all nationalities. We specialise in a narrow field of expertise to ensure a high level of service and impressive results.

Our training offers a combination of theoretical and hands-on practice to ensure maximum retention of information. All of our trainers have had professional engineering or commercial experience, combining their many years of practice in international engineering businesses with the ability to communicate complex ideas in a manner that can be clearly understood.

We provide training with the key objective of supporting and improving the performance of our customers by addressing the following general issues:

• Reducing Operating Costs
• Increasing Equipment Life
• Improving System Efficiency
• Improving Reliability
• Introducing the Latest Technology
• Increasing Operator Skills
• Reducing Plant Downtime

Training subjects include, but are not limited to:

• Basic Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Concepts
• Power Generation Equipment
• Heavy Electrical Equipment
• Heat Transfer Equipment and Boilers
• Control and Instrumentation
• Electronics
• Oil and Gas Processing
• Process Control
• Welding and Fabrication Techniques
• Corrosion Protectíon,and associated inspection and testing techniques
• Non Destructive Testing
• Condition Monitoring of Capital Equipment
• Vibration Analysis of Rotating Machines
Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas
• Safety in Electrícal Testíng
• Hazards ín the Workplace
• Quality Assurance
• Report Writing and Communication Skills
• Project Management
• Commercial Good Practice

Courses can also be tailored to a specific need.