market leading Purge and Pressurisation safety device

Purge System

PPI Engineering’s market leading Purge and Pressurisation safety device ensures the safe operation of electrical machines and enclosures within Zone 1/21 and 2/22 hazardous areas. The unique attributes of this system provide numerous advantages over its competitors.

Concept – Refer to brochure for more details

PP1214 is designed in accordance with IEC 60079-2:2014 Ed 6/ EN 60079-2:2007, ensuring a pressurised and leakage compensated enclosure. This creates a non-hazardous atmosphere inside the enclosure by keeping a positive differential pressure between the pressurised enclosure and atmospheric pressure to ensure that no potentially explosive gases enter the electrical equipment.

This type of protection consists of two main stages:

Purge Cycle:

Activated when the electrical machine is OFF prior to being switched ON. Clean air/inert gas is blown through the machine and monitored to ensure compliance with IEC 60079-2:2014 Ed 6/ EN 60079-2:2014.

Leakage Compensation and Pressurisation Cycle:

Once purge cycle is satisfactory the machine is considered non-hazardous and ready to be switched ON. A positive differential pressure to atmospheric has to be maintained. This is achieved by compensating for any air/inert gas leakages that the machine might have.

Inlet Unit

Outlet Unit

Micro Controller

System Advantages

PPI214.1.1RemoteManual Ball Valve
PPI214.2.1LocalManual Ball Valve
PPI214.3.1RemoteAutomatic Electrical Solenoid Valve
PPI214.4.1LocalAutomatic Electrical Solenoid Valve
PPI214.PV.3.1RemotePre-Start Ventilation
PPI214.PV.4.1LocalPre-Start Ventilation

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