32.2 MW 4 Pole Synchronous Generator – Kaide


Wuhuan Engineering Co. Ltd., formerly the 4th Design Institute of Ministry of Chemical Industry, was founded in 1958. It is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation under direct charge of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and is also a key science-and-technology enterprise in chemical industry.
Wuhuan Engineering Co. Ltd. has a high-quality team with abundant specialties, rich experience and pioneering spirits; it has approximately 1,100 employees and over 96% of them are engineering technicians, including a number of national-level and ministerial-level design masters. With the principles of “integrity, accountability and innovation”, the objective of “building a customer trusted partner and world’s top-class enterprise” and the corresponding strenuous efforts, Wuhuan Engineering Co. Ltd. has won high recognition among its global partners and customers.

Reason for project & challenges

Utilising biodegradable waste produced in the chemical industry is very important. The treatment of the waste and turning it into a usable energy source required highly efficient equipment. One of the problems faced were to design a highly efficient generator that will convert its mechanical input power to electrical power to the factory supply grid with an efficiency of 98.45%.

Generator specification:

Frame size: BSA117.195/4W
Standard: IEC60034, IEEE115
Poles: 4
Output: 38000 kVA , 0.85 PF , 10500 V , 50 Hz , 1500 RPM
Excitation: Brushless with pilot exciter
Enclosure: IP54
Cooling: IC8W1
Mounting: IM1005
Duty: S1

How PPI helped

Various OEM’s find it too challenging to achieve the desired efficiency of 98.45% and therefore could not assist the customer. PPI Engineering were confident that the 98.45% efficiency requirement could be met and therefore proceeded with the project. PPI’s engineering team designed the generator with the objective to minimise all power losses keeping in mind the associated manufacturability and cost.


PPI Engineering designed and oversaw the manufacturing of the generator. During the FAT the efficiency measured 98.51% which is in excess of the required 98.45%. The customer was very satisfied and it again proved the quality and experience of PPI Engineering’s design team. The project posed numerous difficulties such as keeping the cost down and ensuring ease of manufacturing, while designing the generator for highest efficiency.

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