10.5MW Boiler Feed Pump Motor Replacement


PPI won a contract with one of Asia’s largest utility suppliers, responsible for powering millions of homes and businesses across the Asian Pacific regions. The company has been around for over 100 years and the success of this contract gave us the opportunity to continue and grow a working relationship.

Reason for project & challenges

The objective was to replace one of their many 10.5MW, 8 pole Boiler Feed Pump (BFP) motors – originally a 1982 GEC Machines Ltd motor. With the existing design now considered obsolete, a new ‘off the shelf’ motor would have meant a significant re-design of the entire set of machines’ surrounding structures, supports and equipment. As a result, PPI were left with limited documentation to assist the engineering and production department, and since the motor had to be 100% electrically and mechanically interchangeable, had to prepare for a demanding task ahead. The various interfaces, obsolete auxiliaries and limited envelope also posed a significant set of reverse engineering challenges.

Motor specifications:
Output: 10500 kW
Rated Speed: 1484 rpm
Poles: 4
Voltage: 11 kV
Phase: 3
Frequency: 50 Hz
Motor Type: Induction Motor
Motor Model: YKS10500-4
Starting Method: DOL
Noise (at 1m, at No-load): 85 dBA
Service Factor; 1.0
Current: 655 A
Efficiency: 96.7 %
Power Factor: 0.87
Slip: 1.04 %


The final machine tested well with the overall performance exceeding that of the original machine. A seamless interface to the customer’s installation had been achieved.

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