Why apprenticeships are crucial for the Engineering sector

It’s National Apprenticeship Week between 7th – 13th February 2022 and for apprentices, the right placement could give them crucial experience and an all-important foot into the Engineering industry.

Building for the future

Around the world, countries are constantly looking to develop their infrastructure, improve their power supply systems and produce more effective and innovative machinery. For this to be achieved, there needs to be enough skilled resource to supply the demand and current statistics paint a different picture. As a sector, we have a phenomenal skills shortage and if this issue is left unresolved, it could threaten the growth of UK Engineering.

In January 2020, the United Kingdom left the European Union. For the Engineering industry, this produced a number of further issues regarding skill shortages. Now it’s more important than ever, for UK engineering firms to work together to secure and retain a pool of qualified engineering talent, and to do that we need to encourage, train and develop the future engineers of tomorrow.

Investing for tomorrow

One huge benefit for any engineering company to support an apprenticeship program, is that as a company, you’re able to address your skills gap. By investing in an apprentice, you’re able to nurture, grow and mould your future employees to meet the needs of a growing and evolving sector.

STEM apprenticeships are important, as this is an area where skills are particularly in demand, with programs looking to encourage more STEM apprenticeships among women and people from more diverse backgrounds.

PPI Engineering supports apprenticeship placements

At PPI Engineering, all our apprentices have the opportunity to train and gain experience in an extremely niche field of engineering. Our company offers training within the design, development and manufacture of high voltage electric motors and generators, and our apprentices acquire a wide range of practical and theoretical skills associated with the production of these machines. 

All our apprentices are mentored and guided by a team of qualified Engineers, who have a vast wealth of experience and expertise in everything from design, production, installation and maintenance. Training covers everything from health & safety and project planning, through to hands on manufacturing, inspection and testing. This allows the apprentice to develop their abilities by experiencing a wide range of tasks within the production process – including problem solving, working in teams, project management, as well as expanding their fundamental hands-on skills.

Additional theoretical and practical training is undertaken at the local college on a day release programme. The objective is for our apprentices to complete their apprenticeship with a recognised engineering qualification and gain the experience and skills they need to have a permanent career in an industry where they can continue to develop and progress.

Mike Robinson (Director at PPI Engineering) explains “PPI Engineering Ltd exists because of the skills and expertise of its employees. It is essential to the future health of the business, and to the UK in general, that we are able to develop these skills in the next generation of engineers”

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In short, apprenticeships in the Engineering sector offer a lot of potential opportunities for people looking to enter the world of engineering, but equally present an opportunity for companies to create a workforce that has been nurtured and developed within their company culture.

If you are looking to start a career in Engineering and wish to pursue an apprenticeship program, email us at info@ppi-engineering.com

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